Hotel Restaurante Etxeberri

Zumárraga (Guipúzcoa)

Restaurant Etxeberri

Etxeberri offers a select cuisine based on the quality of the products, following the dictates of the market; vegetables from the neighbor Ribera de Navarra, fish from the ports of the Cantabrian see and top quality meats are the basis for the traditional Basque Cuisine. Hotel Etxeberri is well known for its hunting season recipes.

Customer service and hospitality of a family-run business together with a highly professional team will make you enjoy your experience at Hotel Etxeberri.

Closed on Sunday Night


HOTEL ETXEBERRI - Bē Etxeberri s/n - 20700 Zumarraga (Guipuzcoa) - Tel: (34) 943 72 12 11 - Fax: (34) 943 72 44 94